Matching Grant 2014 Results

What is a Matching Grant?
The City of Raleigh invites neighborhood groups like ours to apply for Neighborhood Improvement Funds to support a project that will enhance and strengthen neighborhoods. The THNA is eligible to apply for funds up to $1,000, and since it's a matching grant, we have to provide a match of at least 50% of the cost of the project. A match can be a combination of volunteer labor and donations. (The majority of the THNA's contribution in the past has been through volunteer labor.)

The THNA has applied and been fortunate to win these funds over the last few years. Last year, we used this award money for our Fall Festival.

Thanks for Your Input!
Thanks to all of you who shared your opinion for how the THNA should potentially use matching grant funds in 2014. 

Poll results are in, and the winner was a Fall Festival! We'll provide updates about the Festival on this site, as well as Facebook and our Google Group. Be sure to "Like" and join each one!

We Need Your Help!
Many of you have already expressed interest in helping with the matching grant process. (The board will be in touch as the process begins.) 

We will certainly need a lot more help though to make this year's Fall Festival a reality -- from applying for the matching grant to coordinating the logistics for the actual festival and volunteering at the event. The more help, the easier and fun it will be!

* Email to get involved today.