Neighborhood Resources

Thompson-Hunter is seeing a year-after-year decrease in crime activity. The Raleigh Police Department (RPD) has done a fantastic job of keeping the area safe and responding when incidents do happen. At this point in the neighborhood’s transformation, the community has to step up and help RPD in order to continue seeing decreases in illegal activities.

During the Fall of 2015, the board organized a meeting with neighbors and Raleigh Police. We talked about the best ways to communicate as well as various topics like loitering, negligent property owners, and youth in the neighborhood. The main takeaways from that meeting were that neighbors know the area best and should work with the local officers.

If you see suspicious or illegal activity in Thompson-Hunter, here are some actions that you can take.

  1. Call the non-emergency phone number - 919.831.6311
    Use this for tips and suspicious activity.

  2. Contact (email or phone) an officer directly
    Our community officer would be the primary contact but others in the Southeast and Downtown districts can help. Contact information is on this page.

  3. Join Nextdoor -
    Our neighborhood is on Nextdoor and the Raleigh Police is monitoring this. You can report things here along with other neighbors.

  4. Call 911
    If you witness illegal activity happening, calling 911 is critical. This is recommended and encouraged by Raleigh Police.
The main thing you should take away is that there are things that can be done before having to call 911. Every little piece of information helps the officers who serve the community and everyone benefits.

Know of other helpful resources? Please let us know by emailing

Around the Neighborhood
  • Raleigh Police Southeast District
    The Raleigh Police Department serves the law enforcement needs of citizens through six Police Districts located throughout the city. The Thompson-Hunter Neighborhood is apart of the Southeast District.
    Learn more.

    Community Officer - Officer Robert William
    Cell: 919.250.8459
    Office: 919.441.7139

    Community Policing Liaison - Michael N. Ballen
    Cell: 919.278.6339
    Office: 919.996.1226

    Captain Southeast District - Buddy G. Young
    Cell: 919.278.6391
    Office: 919.996.1054

    Sergeant Woodard
    Cell: 919.279.7142
    Office: 919.996.1529

  • South Central CAC
    Community Advisory Councils (CACs) serve as a link between residents of Raleigh and City government. The Thompson-Hunter Neighborhood is a part of the South Central CAC based on the location of our neighborhood. 
    Meeting Location, Times & Notes

Around the City
A - N
Animal Control 919.996.1446
Abandoned vehicles on city streets 919.831.6311
Building Permits    919.516.2495
Bus Transportation    919.485.7433
City of Raleigh Government Info919.996.3000
City of Raleigh Manager 919.996.3070
Crime Prevention / Community Relations919.996.3335
Crime Stoppers919.834.4357
Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste919.996.6890
Household Waste Disposal919.996.6890
Noise Complaints919.831.6311
O - Z
Police Non-Emergency    919.831.6311
Potholes / Street Repair919.996.6446
Progress Energy Outage Line1.800.419.6356
Public Nuisances    919.807.5110
Seasonal Leaf Collection919.996.3720
Sidewalk Damage by tree roots919.996.6825
Speed Limit Enforcement919.996.3335
Storm Drainage Complaints919.996.3940
Street Signs (damaged or missing)(weekdays) 919.996.6608
(after 4 p.m. or weekends, holidays) 919.829.1930 
Traffic Signal Malfunctions919.996.3020
Traffic-Calming Program919.516.2164
Wake County Schools919.850.1600
Water, Sewer Emergencies(weekdays) 919.250.2737
(after 4 p.m., weekends, holidays) 919.829.1930